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Can I lime over plants

Posted By: Mr. T.

Can I lime over plants - 03/26/19 12:06 PM

I've got some foodplots that still have oats and winter pea's growing in them. Can I put down lime over the plants or will that kill them. If so I will just plow them under and then lime.
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: Can I lime over plants - 03/26/19 05:18 PM

Lime, see if they die and then plow over them. That way you incorporate the lime into the soil as you should and you give the plants a chance to continue....

I would suspect the winter plants will be browning out within the next month anyway, so not big deal
Posted By: Rustler

Re: Can I lime over plants - 03/26/19 06:03 PM

Sure you can spread lime anytime, powdered ag lime or pelletized?
Heavy application of powdered ag lime may coat the leaves & cut down or off photosynthesis.
Pelletized lime no problem at all.

Are you sure you need lime?
Taken soil samples & have results as to how much is needed?
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