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5 up close

Posted By: JTPinTX

5 up close - 05/21/21 03:57 PM

Found this group of pigs in the transition between a draw with big trees and a cut wheat field. We saw them in the open but by the time we could get over to them they had moved into the cover. They were laying down in tall grass and not moving much. We had to get up close and personal to get any kind of shot. Range to the close one (second pig I shot that I put a finisher on) was 24 yards by LRF. Tricky stalk through trees with downed limbs, plum thickets, lots of interference. Wind dictated a stalk from the back side. We ended up killing 5 but it was late and we didn't drag them up in a pile.

We have had a lot of rain here this week. Very muddy and tough hunting, we covered a lot of ground and did not find many pigs.

Quick clip before we started shooting, close one by the dead cow skeleton is 24 yards: https://youtu.be/Mwdy8RycDF4

Shooting: https://youtu.be/UDoz5CSZ22A

Posted By: Ktexas14

Re: 5 up close - 05/21/21 04:04 PM

Pretty dang cool
Posted By: ElkOne

Re: 5 up close - 05/21/21 04:17 PM

Thanks for posting, always enjoy your stalks and shooting ! Kill em all ! up
Posted By: BbarVRanch

Re: 5 up close - 05/21/21 04:23 PM

Good shooting! smile

I need to practice some! Was off my game the other night...
Posted By: JTPinTX

Re: 5 up close - 05/21/21 04:56 PM

Thanks guys! Good to get another hunt in before I have to head up to OKC this weekend. My son should be planting more peanuts the next day or two, by the time I get back I may have more pig work to do. This next field of peanuts going in is the one we have really been worried about the pigs doing damage on.
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