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6+ more down.

Posted By: JTPinTX

6+ more down. - 05/11/21 02:00 PM

Got one field of peanuts planted Saturday, so we made a run out Sunday night to see if we could catch the pigs rooting them up. That field had not had any damage yet but we wanted to keep it that way. There weren't any pigs out in the peanuts so we headed a little closer towards the river to see if we could find them. Caught a sounder coming across and hammered them out in some tall wheat before they got to the peanuts. We put a serious hurt on that sounder. Killed all 3 adults (could not find one in the wheat but it went down hard), and worked over the juveniles pretty bad. Found 4 of them but for sure there were more of them out there dead too.

Recovered 6, but pretty sure the real number (conservative) was minimum of 8-9.

We had a hard wind coming into our face as we stalked which really helped out in that tall wheat, it was dang sure loud walking through that stuff though. Shooting those juveniles was like playing whack-a-mole in the wheat. Now you see them, now you don't. Had one of them run between me and my partner, another passed by 10-15 feet away. I nearly fell over once trying to swing the gun fast enough to keep up, shooting off one leg. Pretty crazy stalk and shooting.

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Posted By: Biscuit

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 02:34 PM

Ya did good
Posted By: Dalee7892

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 02:40 PM

Bang bang ya dead
Posted By: ElkOne

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 03:59 PM

Awesome up
Posted By: BbarVRanch

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 08:46 PM

You are having too much fun! laugh
Posted By: JTPinTX

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 10:15 PM

That stalk was fun for sure. I shot like crap, glad my partner was on and picked up the slack. It was kind of a rodeo when the littles started running. Going every way, even running through us.
Posted By: der Teufel

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/11/21 11:05 PM

Keep After 'Em!
Posted By: twdjr

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/13/21 12:47 PM

A good night!
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: 6+ more down. - 05/13/21 03:03 PM

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