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Need Help with Remote Gate Trigger

Posted By: tex-red

Need Help with Remote Gate Trigger - 03/21/21 04:22 PM

I’m attempting to help my dad re-engineer his hog trap set up – specifically the gate trigger. The company providing the equipment and service for the remote camera and gate trigger isn’t an option anymore. I thought it should be as simple as installing a controller since everything is in place and was working with the old company. We’ve installed a Spypoint trail camera that sends him great photos and was idiot proof to set up. Now I just need to figure out a way to send a signal to trip the gate. I ordered a 7 relay controller on Amazon, which was probably overkill, but I could never get the app to work so we are returning it. Also, none of the controllers I’ve seen so far use Verizon, which is our best cell coverage out here. Any advice on a cell controller for the gate trigger? We have a solar panel with battery back-up for power. Dad is seeing lots of pigs in the trap and really wants to get this gate working.
Posted By: Espy

Re: Need Help with Remote Gate Trigger - 03/23/21 12:26 AM

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This one works great with ATT don’t have any idea if it works with Verizon. I use an app to activate my trap.
Posted By: tex-red

Re: Need Help with Remote Gate Trigger - 03/25/21 04:08 PM

Thank you!
Posted By: Hunter-Steve

Re: Need Help with Remote Gate Trigger - 04/19/21 08:01 PM

I use the KiaoTime controller with an AT&T sim. And I can either use their App or just Text or call the assigned Phone number. The trick is to set it up so it only accepts commands from your phone number. I've been using this setup for 3 years now. AT&T prepaid Sim runs $25 for three months. And I don't always keep it active. I can pay anytime and it will be active in minutes. Right now I have not seen a hog in months. When I start seeing them again I'll just pay $5 and activate it for a week so I can trigger the trap.

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