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Exploding piglet

Posted By: MC68

Exploding piglet - 12/26/20 09:07 PM

I checked one of my feeders just after midnight and couldn’t see much because the green lights weren’t on. I looked through my binoculars and there were two small piglets under feeder. They were so small they didn’t activate the lights.

The moon light was bright enough to make the shot. One round from the 300 HAM’R and this little guy exploded! It sounded pretty cool with a suppressed rifle. The 135 FTX is working great.

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Posted By: Biscuit

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/26/20 09:27 PM

Posted By: der Teufel

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/26/20 10:03 PM

Well, that certainly ruined his day, I'm sure.
Posted By: Jsarmory

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/26/20 11:57 PM

Oh man that put him down
Posted By: Chopperdrvr

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/27/20 01:09 AM

You gotta quit putting tannerite in your feeders, it's costing you too much meat loss.
Posted By: skinnerback

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/27/20 02:15 AM

You missed the head.
Posted By: drilla4rilla

Re: Exploding piglet - 12/29/20 01:13 AM

Easy cleaning after that.
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