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Posted By: LtizzleMcTiz

Weight? - 10/02/20 03:45 PM

Any guesses on the weight of this hog [Linked Image]
Posted By: Jiggamitch

Re: Weight? - 10/03/20 12:00 AM

Kinda hard to tell without any size reference close to the pig.
Posted By: der Teufel

Re: Weight? - 10/03/20 12:46 AM

More than 25, less than 250 Lbs.

Hope that helps…
Posted By: SapperTitan

Re: Weight? - 10/03/20 01:03 AM

Not very big prob in the 150-175 live weight range
Posted By: Simple Searcher

Re: Weight? - 10/03/20 01:06 AM

Posted By: garyrapp55

Re: Weight? - 10/03/20 02:15 AM

Man that thing has got be be 500lbs.
Yes, I'm on the bottle tonight.
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