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What They're Eating (Part 2)

Posted By: Douglas Tipton

What They're Eating (Part 2) - 01/18/20 09:05 PM

BTW still in a drought....freezer emptying. food

I didn't know North Texas had bears. Having lived in the west you'd see where they loved to rip open rotted logs. Looks like it here also, but I know better. In Part 1 someone mentioned wood wasp larvae....BINGO!!! banana I took these NYE the same day I met Mr. Poacher. A fallen tree with a stump had been shredded. They had also rooted around the stump to a depth of about 18". The chunks off the deadfall tree were the size of a man's arm. No banana so hat for scale. Bonus photo of the shoulder of I35W in Tarrant County, just on the north side of Justin Creek. Both sides of the highway were roto-tilled pretty good. Also, anybody driving in Dallas can see where they've rooted on the Trinity River levee off I35E just north of Regal Row.

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Posted By: Lance Vick

Re: What They're Eating (Part 2) - 01/19/20 02:12 PM

Pigs Lov
Juicy bugs and grubs
Posted By: SapperTitan

Re: What They're Eating (Part 2) - 01/20/20 12:09 AM

They went through and cut a couple firebreaks on ft hood where I hunt. Lots of rooting in the leftover mulch lately.
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