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Hunting with CRD Grendel Speer Gold Dot 120s

Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Hunting with CRD Grendel Speer Gold Dot 120s - 12/10/19 11:49 PM

Finally, I have a property with some hogs on it and not just singles. This is my neighbor's place and it is only 35 acres and they have torn him up pretty well. Despite a mass of acorns on the ground, they are rooting. They may be eating acorns and that would not be a huge problem, but the rooting is. My guess is that they are after grubs and other bugs as they are targeting the hay and hay rings areas pretty heavily, but they are sampling all over the property. There wasn't an area that we went that they had not rooted, at least some small patches.

Pig Popper and I made it out on Saturday after I sighted in new ammo from Custom Reloads of Dallas. I decided to run with the Speer Gold Dot 120s as they required the least correction from my previous zero point. Pig Popper opted for .22 Nosler that screams 55 gr. bullets at 3575 fps. Hogs came out, we both shot and appeared to hit our targets and our targets promptly turned into a wood thicket and we never saw them again despite two separate searches for them that night.

I figured the sounder would not be back the following night. So I returned on Monday. I did not see the sounder Pig Popper and I hit. I saw a much larger sounder and dropped two before the rains really let loose.

Posted By: der Teufel

Re: Hunting with CRD Grendel Speer Gold Dot 120s - 12/11/19 12:29 AM

Nicely done, both the shooting and the video.

Keep After 'Em!
Posted By: Pig_Popper

Re: Hunting with CRD Grendel Speer Gold Dot 120s - 12/11/19 01:00 AM

Interesting - on the Gold Dot bullet performance !

I’ve told you and Dennis for years that I was a big fan of Speer Deep Curls before they got discontinued and for the last couple of years I’ve been buying federal fusion projectiles on gunbroker and using those.

In 6.5 Grendel I shot a boar with 120 grain federal fusion and didn’t get the resulted I had come to expect from “molecularly bonded core and jacket bullets”.

When Speer released the .264 gold dots about 18 months ago I hand loaded a whole bunch and I can’t recall ever catching up to a pig with one.

You have them in your hands for 2 days and you’ve got videos and illustrations

It’s nice to see that the GoldDot may be every bit as good on hogs as the deep curls once were!

Keep giving it to them !
Posted By: JTPinTX

Re: Hunting with CRD Grendel Speer Gold Dot 120s - 12/11/19 01:03 PM

Good job, and good report on the bullet. I always like seeing bullet performance pics/reports.
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