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Anyone Missing a Snare?

Posted By: Dennis in Ft Worth

Anyone Missing a Snare? - 11/03/19 09:37 PM

Was out with Pig Popper Friday night, he nailed this 165# boar that had about ten inches of snare wire around its front foot. Looked and smelled nasty.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Re: Anyone Missing a Snare? - 11/04/19 04:21 AM

Wow! That is something.
Posted By: flintknapper

Re: Anyone Missing a Snare? - 11/04/19 12:31 PM

Unusual to have one catch it's hoof in a snare (unless a trap fired foot snare was used).

I use 'deer stops' on all my snares to help prevent foot caught animals. It will not allow the snare to close up tighter than a 3-1/2" diameter.

That hog was well on it's way to losing that hoof.

I shot a Coyote a few years ago that had somehow escaped a snare. It had a very distinct mark from the incident around it's neck.

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