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First time caller

Posted By: CharlieCTx

First time caller - 10/14/19 05:28 PM

This is kind of a kissing your sister thread as I don't have the video... (MDVR was acting up after taking a smack)

I used my Convergent caller Saturday night really for the first time at our lease. It was AMAZING to see the result... Given the BRIGHT full moon that was out, we had to sit close to a treeline to be somewhat out of sight. I set the caller up in a pasture right at the end of the bluetooth range (40-50yds I'm guessing) in front of us. Did some Sow/Boar grunts for 5 minutes or so then switched it to the Sow Hysteria call. That ran for 5-10 minutes where we then saw them forming up on the opposite side of the pasture in a treeline about 150 yds away with my thermal monocular.

Then the horde cometh! It was so cool to see... 20 or so in the sounder haulin' azz across the pasture and apparently pretty pissed! We could hear them hootin' and gruntin' over the caller easily the whole way across. The guy that was with me had my rifle, so I was designated observer and call master. He shot right as the lead hog ran over my call (it was fine), then the banjos started... First time shooter with a Thermal and I guess maybe multiple rounds from a semi-auto in quick succession, he got two and was one very happy camper.

I am definitely going to put that caller to work again, that was just too cool. Thumbs up to the Convergent caller and Glenn Guess' hog sounds. up

I'll tag myself...

Video next time...
Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Re: First time caller - 10/14/19 07:51 PM

Very good! We tried calling several times this weekend with no luck, even though the MDVRs worked fine, LOL.
Posted By: CharlieCTx

Re: First time caller - 10/14/19 08:05 PM

What is it that fires them up so? They were fired up about something! Is it a territory thing or not wanting to miss out on a what sounds like a good fight or boars don't want another boar hangin' with their babes?
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