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3 lbs of pork

Posted By: RattlesnakeDan

3 lbs of pork - 08/02/19 03:56 PM

3 lbs or 300 lbs...same attitude!

Posted By: der Teufel

Re: 3 lbs of pork - 08/03/19 02:09 AM

Running around like a little Terrier, thinking it's tougher than whatever it might come across.

However, a few years ago a neighbor was walking a small, yippy dog through a wooded area near where I live. A coyote came out of the brush and before the neighbor could do anything, the dog took off after the coyote. The coyote disappeared back into the brush. Shortly thereafter a fair amount of barking, yelping, and growling was heard. The dog was never seen again.

Apparently the coyote saw the dog coming at it and thought "Hmm, it appears lunch is being delivered today!"
Posted By: Old Stony

Re: 3 lbs of pork - 08/03/19 08:16 AM

Everyone of them has an attitude ! I don't know how many times I have had little ones run at my ankles as I was working with the traps. Sometimes you just have to basically kick the little buggers sideways to keep them away from you.
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