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Busy morning

Posted By: Old Stony

Busy morning - 07/10/19 12:43 PM

I walked into one of my stands at 3:45 this morning, and there was a bunch eating near my round trap 100 yds away, and there were 7 more already inside the trap. I picked out the largest of the outside group and dropped a nice 200 lb. sow. Given it was so early, I just grabbed a book and sat back to read for a while until it got a little lighter to deal with it all...and about 20 minutes later another one wandered in and I dropped it too. I gave up and went after the whole group in the dark and got them loaded....for a total of 9 hogs. At 74 years old, I am starting to really feel the strain of doing all this stuff, although I do enjoy it.
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Posted By: mikei

Re: Busy morning - 07/10/19 01:20 PM

Nice haul! And I know what you mean about the age thingy! Pulling hogs out of traps and dragging deer out of the mesquite thickets gets a bit more "challenging" each year! But keep after it until you can't get after it any more. That's my motto!!
Posted By: Old Stony

Re: Busy morning - 07/10/19 04:05 PM

Thar's my thinking too mikei, if us old guys give up and sit in front of the tv every day our bodies start wasting away really fast !
Posted By: TXAg08

Re: Busy morning - 07/10/19 05:21 PM

Looks like a good morning.
Posted By: Judd

Re: Busy morning - 07/11/19 08:23 PM

That's a haul! Nice shooting.
Posted By: flintknapper

Re: Busy morning - 07/11/19 09:19 PM

Oh Man.....!

You had a better morning than me.

On a tractor for 7 hrs. unloading and stacking 80 round bales. My help calls this morning and can't show up (stomach virus). So just me.

Good job. Glad someone was killing them.

Another 'old guy' (65) wink

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Posted By: Old Stony

Re: Busy morning - 07/11/19 10:13 PM

Keep cool !
Posted By: der Teufel

Re: Busy morning - 07/12/19 02:14 PM

You're still doing good.
You're about five years ahead of me, but I am slowing down already. Knee replacement a couple of years ago. Foot surgery last month.
There will come a time when we won't be able to get out after the hogs, but in the meantime let's give 'em what for!
Posted By: dogcatcher

Re: Busy morning - 07/12/19 09:09 PM

Posted By: Whack n stack

Re: Busy morning - 07/12/19 10:05 PM

Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Busy morning - 07/12/19 10:18 PM

You gotta get a liftgate for that pickup! They way you way-lay 'em, if it were up to me, the state should help you pay for it.

I gotta build a big trap. That duck walk into the little trap ain't gonna happen too many more times. Thinking about buying a gaff hook for that.
Posted By: Old Stony

Re: Busy morning - 07/12/19 11:54 PM

I would love a liftgate !! In my smaller traps, I am too darned old to wiggle through the doors and drag hogs out, so I made up a hook affair out of an old rake. I can reach quite a ways into the trap and drag some of them out the door with it. We just have to keep adapting to the problems and work out the best and easiest ways of doing it we can dream up. I have a boat winch I adapted to stick in the top of the rear fender on the bed, and it saves me a lot of problems. I can usually get the heads of the hogs up to the tail light level, and that allows me to swing the rear legs up onto the tailgate. Gets smelling pretty ripe back there sometimes !!
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