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Camp Bullis

Posted By: DNygaard

Camp Bullis - 06/21/19 04:29 PM

Hello everyone!
I am new here to hunting in Texas. Been hunting all my life and always wanted to try hog hunting! Iím retired military and was informed I can hunt on camp bullis. I dug up the regulations and canít wait to go at it with my kids! I have them taking the hunter safety course now and would like to congratulate them with a successful hog hunt. Not looking to get anyoneís secret area, but does anyone have any advice? Also I have heard rumors they have axis and audad there? Is there any truth to that? Thank in advance and stay safe!
Posted By: Creekrunner

Re: Camp Bullis - 06/21/19 04:38 PM

welcome I live not too far from Camp Bullis. There's bound to be axis on it; they're all over the place out here. Good hunting to you!
Posted By: DNygaard

Re: Camp Bullis - 06/21/19 05:06 PM

Awesome! Thank you! I hear axis meat tastes amazing!
Posted By: J_Roberts

Re: Camp Bullis - 06/30/19 01:52 AM

Wow that is a fantastic benefit being able to hunt there but you deserve it. Thanks for your service.

If they let you bait, you can always ferment some corn in a 5-gal bucket and take it with you. That will bring some in almost for certain.
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