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called in a few

Posted By: Coastalquacker

called in a few - 06/06/19 03:25 AM

I've read about it, watched videos about it and thought I would try calling in some hogs. One of the properties we hunt has been hard to pattern. We've never killed them at a feeder but have lots of pictures. So, my son and i get into our tree stand about 6:15pm and i start using the iHunt by Ruger speaker and app. I was trying all of the pig sounds, boar, piglets, feeding, distress calls, social grunts... About every 5 minutes i tried a different sound or series of sounds. Within about 20 minutes we heard a twig snap to our right. so i kept calling and then heard a squeal a little south of the twig. I continued calling every 3-5 minutes and then we start hearing steps and seeing legs through the brush. My son and I got ready to shoot and he says "shoot the one of the left..." i hadn't seen that one yet. so, there were 2 pigs within feet of the speaker and the "one of the left" realized something wasn't right and 180'd out of there. My son starts the countdown 3-2-1 boom and we have a pig down.

After high 5's, i start calling again just to see what would happen. it was getting late, 7:35 and we started talking about getting down and cleaning the pig. After one last series of calls my son starts pointing behind us then grabs his pistol and shot another one at the base of the tree we are sitting in. It spun around 3 or 4 times then went off into the woods. My son was pointing at another one that was back further in the brush. It finally left and we climbed down. He looked until sundown, 8:20ish, but couldn't find the 2nd one. the first was a 100-ish boar.

they clearly came to the call, never went by the feeder but they aren't real pressured (we hunt maybe 6-8 times a year on this property). maybe the weather was just right. i'm not sure what all was right but it was. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Dalee7892

Re: called in a few - 06/06/19 03:46 AM

Way to go. aim
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