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new glock model 40 mos

Posted By: mow

new glock model 40 mos - 09/09/18 03:36 AM

looking for cheapest price on underwood and doubletap ammo online thats economical and reptuable and fast shipping..all subjective..ive never bought ammo online..but with the .10 the good stuff isnt carried in the big box stores..recommendations..serious ones only please..i dont do business with cheaper than dirt! for big hogs..out of my bowstand,10 to 15 yards
Posted By: MoTex

Re: new glock model 40 mos - 09/09/18 04:41 PM

Chad at DallasReloads.com
Posted By: deerfeeder

Re: new glock model 40 mos - 09/10/18 04:08 PM

I have bought from this guy at different times. Good service, no problems with the ammo.

Posted By: Adchunts

Re: new glock model 40 mos - 09/13/18 02:03 AM

Another vote for Chadís 10mm rounds. My G40 likes both the 180 and 200 grain ammo.
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