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Posted By: Bullfrog

Brain Health - 07/14/18 07:53 PM

Does anyone here use ANY type of focus products? I've got my own opinions but I would like to see who here uses any and which ones. I've done tons of reading on them and they go from natural stuff, nootropics, or they go ALL the way to micro doses of freakin' PCP. Some even do the PCP in conjunction with nootropics. I know, crazy right?

Reason I ask is I've tried a few natural and nootropics to help offset some symtoms I get for the most part they help, with an occasional stress headache.

I do enjoy the feeling of being super focused or engaged, as it bring me high levels of motivation. This opposed to just going out and feeling like I'm going through the motions, which I hate.

Anyone here use anything other than coffee?
Posted By: HOF

Re: Brain Health - 07/14/18 09:24 PM

What are you using for focus? I'm interested in what's working for you.
Posted By: Bullfrog

Re: Brain Health - 07/15/18 01:48 AM

Well Iíve tried a few but the one called Nirvana is what I like the most. Alpha Brain is ok but lacked the umph I want. Supreme Focus sucked. All the others have niacin and it does not agree with me
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