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Benchmade warranty

Posted By: HandyMan91

Benchmade warranty - 11/23/21 09:59 PM

Anyone here ever sent anything in? I have a mini bug out II with a broken axis lock spring. Hesitant on sending it in because it has had some of the hardware changed out for another color set. Their warranty paper says something like non-genuine knives will be kept and no reimbursement to owner
Posted By: BOBO the Clown

Re: Benchmade warranty - 11/24/21 01:31 AM

I’d just call and ask, but my thoughts are counterfeits they keep
Posted By: Single Shot

Re: Benchmade warranty - 11/24/21 02:04 PM

The springs are cheap online and easy to replace!
Do it yourself.
Posted By: HandyMan91

Re: Benchmade warranty - 11/24/21 03:18 PM

Originally Posted by Single Shot
The springs are cheap online and easy to replace!
Do it yourself.

I hadn't even thought to look. Got an 8 pack of springs on ebay for what it would have cost me to ship the knife out. Thank you sir.
Posted By: Cow_doc.308

Re: Benchmade warranty - 11/25/21 02:40 PM

I have several folders I send back to them every few years for their lifesharp program. They come back cleaned, lubed and sharp as new. Never had a warranty issue though.
Posted By: Ranch Dawg

Re: Benchmade warranty - 11/28/21 04:31 AM

Mailed in a auto knife with broke spring, it was 15 yrs old. They sent me a new one.
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