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Posted By: deckh

Photographs - 06/10/21 03:18 PM

Not certain if this is correct location, but can someone help this old man post pics of knives I've made?
Posted By: ShaneA

Re: Photographs - 06/10/21 04:45 PM

hey deckh, you'll need to size your pictures, as in make them small enough,,, can't tell you how to do that
but once you have em how you like em and they are size appropriate to this forum,,,

in the post a reply or making a post ,,, in the middle of the bar with the buttons across the place where you type, there
is a button with an orange deal in it, with a blue arrow,,, just hit that and follow the prompts
Posted By: MikeC

Re: Photographs - 06/10/21 04:50 PM

Here you go

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