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New Sheath?

Posted By: nuprofessor

New Sheath? - 11/17/20 10:07 PM

Can anyone on this site make a sheath to fit a knife? I can send pictures and dimensions of the knife. It is a small version of a Kabar (actual brand). Looking for leather with a belt loop and retention snap style. If so, cost?
I made the mistake of putting the sheath off my FILs knife in my pocket where it was washed and dry. Have nothing but a shriveled unusable piece of leather.
Posted By: WendlingKnives

Re: New Sheath? - 11/20/20 08:22 PM

yes, but without the actual knife in hand, I cant promise the fit. You can see my work at Wendling Knives on fb and instagram
Posted By: nuprofessor

Re: New Sheath? - 11/27/20 02:18 AM

What would be a good estimate on the cost?
Posted By: WendlingKnives

Re: New Sheath? - 12/02/20 06:59 PM

Sorry, didnt get the notification on this. Cost would depend on the sheath style, but usually 30-40$
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