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Antler tines

Posted By: Wytex

Antler tines - 09/23/20 05:07 PM

Not sure of this is the right spot, but I have these antler tines I would like to give to someone if they could use them.
Due to my ties to Texas, born and raised and the readily availability of them up here I would like to send them down south for use.
Some elk and mule deer, maybe a stray whitetail. All picked up in Wyoming. We cut tines off of antlers we give our friends for dog chews.

Not looking for anything for them, maybe I'll talk with you later about purchasing a pairing knife or something. Maybe someone makes letter openers or something like that and could use them.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: chopsknives

Re: Antler tines - 09/23/20 05:36 PM

FYI you can coat with potassium permagenate (oxidizer) and they will have a beautiful brown color and it will fill the weathercracks and buff to a gorgeous shine. I also stabilize mine after the potassium - it's available anywhere they sell stuff for fish ponds also on line and cheapo!!! I prefer older horns as they are through shrinking too!
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