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Desert Ironwood

Posted By: safdm44

Desert Ironwood - 03/21/20 02:05 AM

WIP sheath and then out to market. Desert Ironwood Burl on Red G10 liners. Black Micarta pins / nickel silver tube. 1095 Steel with Hamon.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: SnakeWrangler

Re: Desert Ironwood - 03/21/20 09:16 AM

Posted By: bjankowski

Re: Desert Ironwood - 03/21/20 01:12 PM

Jack, awesome knife bro. That is a profile after my own heart. Looks like it will fit the hand perfectly. I have rather large hands, when designing a knife I like something that fits my hand and a place for my thumb to land when putting downward pressure. Good job!

Take care out there, and thanks for your community service brother.
Posted By: safdm44

Re: Desert Ironwood - 03/21/20 08:16 PM

Thank y’all for the kind words
Posted By: Drahthaar

Re: Desert Ironwood - 03/22/20 02:08 AM

Nice. Forrest
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