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Posted By: QMC SW/EXW

Randalls - 12/27/19 02:43 PM

I am looking to send a couple of Randalls down the road. Both are pretty much pristine with only some minor sheathvwear on them.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I would take $550 for the pair. My apologies for listing here and not the classifieds but it seems I can't post new thread there. Emailed admin about that and if a MOD wants to move this to the classifieds I would be appreciative.

Posted By: HuntingTexas

Re: Randalls - 12/29/19 07:09 PM

Not doubting you but do you pics showing the other side of the blades that show the Randall makers mark?
Posted By: QMC SW/EXW

Re: Randalls - 01/02/20 02:03 PM

Sold pending funds
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