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Great Eastern Cutlery

Posted By: camtheguitarman

Great Eastern Cutlery - 11/26/19 08:08 PM

I've been looking at this brand for awhile now (Toms Choice Barlow specifically), and I'm having a hard time paying that kind of price for a single knife. Now maybe I'm just a cheap person, but are they really worth 150$ and up? I've been a life long fan of Case personally, and have several that I edc. The average 60$ price tag is hard to beat. Anyone carry a GEC?
Posted By: Longhunter

Re: Great Eastern Cutlery - 11/28/19 06:34 PM

Well made knives that hold an edge ain't cheap...
Posted By: syncerus

Re: Great Eastern Cutlery - 11/29/19 12:56 AM

I own a couple and think highly of them. They aren’t cheap, but then ... they aren’t cheap.

Posted By: Southtex

Re: Great Eastern Cutlery - 11/29/19 04:08 AM

I have several and think highly of them as well. I also like the fact that not every other guy has one in their pocket.....
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