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Confused on dates

Posted By: Dave Scott

Confused on dates - 05/07/21 02:55 PM

I am confused. The state website says you can apply on the 1st and 15th of the month but that doesn't make sense to me. On the various quota hunts for deer, etc. when do you have to apply and when are the drawings? Need some help.
It would be easier for me if the state just said, Archery applications have to be in by "X" date and the drawing is "Y" date- if that makes sense.
Posted By: swampthang

Re: Confused on dates - 05/07/21 03:07 PM

You have to apply by the deadline listed and the drawing results for that hunt will be available about a week later.
Posted By: JB1316

Re: Confused on dates - 05/07/21 08:13 PM

Use the hunt catalog to see more information about the various hunts offered. It breaks it down by species and methods, private or public, Refuge or state park etc.


This is last years, and they don't open the applications until later in the year around Sept 1. Maybe for the private land dove hunts those open in August.
There are various deadlines based on the species, method of take, and type of property you're putting in for on the draws.
Posted By: Sniper John

Re: Confused on dates - 05/08/21 07:42 PM

Dave, The new hunt catalog will be online in late July. Though the different hunt categories have different deadline and draw dates, most of the hunts you can start applying for in July or August. I know TPWD did some surveys of hunters and applicants, so I would not be surprised if they change up some things yet again as they did last year. Check the TPWD website in late July or watch on the public hunting forum here. When they start taking applications, there will be several related posts pop up on the forum.
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