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Public land newbie question

Posted By: bigjoe8565

Public land newbie question - 01/21/21 06:43 PM

Are all deer and hog hunts on public land by draw only?
Posted By: hunt15

Re: Public land newbie question - 01/21/21 06:58 PM

See this link https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/hunt/public/, and the National Forests are free
Posted By: swampthang

Re: Public land newbie question - 01/21/21 07:37 PM

No,tons of hog hunting on the AHP program and on Corp of Engineer properties as well. Just got to do a little research.
Posted By: JB1316

Re: Public land newbie question - 01/22/21 02:54 PM

When you buy your public land permit ($48) you'll be given a book that shows all legal hunts available both draw and walk in for Texas. Deer is typically going to be draw outside of National Forests, but lots of small game /birds dont require a draw all around. Here's a link that shows all the areas and game available. The map is decent as well
Posted By: colt.45

Re: Public land newbie question - 01/23/21 03:52 PM

As JB1316 posted the booklet ya get for the ($48.00) shows the public land hunts & rules of what can be taken & with what type weapons...
Thars several that ya can hunt deer/hogs..
Mostly did the archery/deer hunts @ OSBWMA & hunter several other of the public land hunts...
Unit #120 (it phaseasas around out) was two separate area's, it might be open ta public, tis timber... It was a rifle deer/hog hunt,son & i hunted & a good friend hunted it...
It's located around the Palasteen area scratch (NE) area mostly E if remember right...
Best wish's
Posted By: bigjoe8565

Re: Public land newbie question - 01/23/21 04:16 PM

I appreciate the information.
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