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Posted By: BooneCrockettBowieMartin

Guide / Mentor / Public / Private - 11/23/20 07:06 PM

Howdy Everyone, technically not really a newbie. I was on the Texas fishing forum back in the 90,s but new to hunting forum. I'm a native Texan of 65 yrs and living in Grapevine, Tx. for 45 yrs. recently retired with lost of time on my hands,
With all that being said, I've been hunting 24/7 on Texas public land from the Red to the Rio Grand with some success and private land as well for native Texas game. I'm seeing some post by newbies and others questioning and not sure about hunting on Public Land. Well I'm here to help along with all the other great members on this board.
Here's what I would like to plan and do and ya'll tell me if good or bad idea.
Anyone that would like, I will be more than happy to go with you or you with me ( I will probably be going away) to hunt on any public land you would like (split expenses ) or any of 3 private lands ( I only hunt low fence but nothing bad against high fence, its just me) I've used that are more than reasonable in pricing on Tx. game and other game as well, its your choice.( you pay for your hunt).
Also, I will give 1 free Hog hunt per month ( I will not hunt only go with you) on 1 of the 3 private lands ( pretty sure you will harvest one) to any ex military or current military person.( all expenses paid by me).
Well there it is my first hunting post let me know what ya think, I hope all this makes some since,all the best.
Email or PM me,
Posted By: NeKro

Re: Guide / Mentor / Public / Private - 11/24/20 08:16 AM

Thanks for offering this. I hope some one and especially a vet takes advantage of this. I am a vet and a first responder but a little far from you. If I ever go up north ill let you know.

Posted By: BooneCrockettBowieMartin

Re: Guide / Mentor / Public / Private - 11/24/20 04:47 PM

Yes please do, I'm sitting on ready 24/7( unless the CEO and CFO over rules which is never ).She's not a hunter but I took her to MASON MOUNTAIN she thought it was a awesome place. Just trying to help in someway ( win win ). I was on my own with trial and error plan. Mistakes were made that cost me time and money. Believe me I would have like a second gun going into some of these WMAs in the middle of nowhere alone at 430am is pretty dicey. All the WMAs I've been to are awesome. Mason Mountain is beautiful sunflowers with rolling hills. The one that is on the Rio Grand border, the actual wall of the border is part of the WMA with sunflowers on one and milo on another. The Game Warden there said with 2 weeks left in the season that 4000 dove were harvested there, and i believe him, didn't say how long it took opening weekend ect..
I used to volunteer with Take A Soldier Fishing but I'm doing this on my now ,this is one on one seeing things that a lot of people will never see or ground walk on.
Thank You, All the Best.
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