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New Hunter - Understanding the Public Lands Map Booklet

Posted By: Jzappa

New Hunter - Understanding the Public Lands Map Booklet - 07/29/20 03:06 PM

Hello Texas Hunting Forum!

I'm a new hunter who is hoping to have his first hunt with a friend in October in the 20-21 season and as part of that partnership the research and planning is incumbent upon me. I wanted to confirm that I was reading this booklet that contains information on public hunting lands correctly.

Our ideal situation was to hunt axis deer based on what I've read about the tastier meat. According to the booklet there is no location, especially in the area where axis deer are more common, that allows hunting of exotic animals with a rifle. I was only able to find a couple units in Tom Green that allowed hunting with bow or slug shotguns.

I appreciate any help in understanding this information, I'm trying to do plenty of research beforehand so that we hit less roadblocks and have a safe first hunt.

A few other questions if anyone would like to answer:

1. Field dressing only vs quartering: Quartering seems like the ideal way to go but I've been told that its not recommended for newer hunters, is that a shared sentiment?

2. Stalking technique as first time hunting: Our plan is to do a combination of stalking and still hunting our first time, is it realistic to assume we can be successful with those techniques with little/no experience?

Thanks so much!
Posted By: mickeyhft

Re: New Hunter - Understanding the Public Lands Map Booklet - 07/29/20 04:37 PM

If you are going to self process you will have to quarter anyway, if you are going to have it professionally processed then you can just field dress, they often get alot more meat out of it that way anyway. If you want to quarter, Meateater has some great videos that demystify the process. Its not hard at all but the more you have seen it done, either in person or by video, the more it will help. Then just understand we all "butchered" it up on the first many tries. Just accept that if you are doing your best, nature will forgive your errors if you are.

As for stalking or still hunting, have fun and be a boy playin Indian, and your sure might be successful. Sit for a while in a good spot when you need to refocus, and then move on a little more. Its a great way to hunt, at times more successful than just sitting, at times much less, but a great experience, fully immersed in the hunting experience, and a great way to learn.

Best of luck to ya!
Posted By: Bigfoot

Re: New Hunter - Understanding the Public Lands Map Booklet - 08/03/20 07:22 PM

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