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Choke Canton North Shore

Posted By: 20bore

Choke Canton North Shore - 09/18/19 04:30 AM

Anybody hunted it the last few years?
How’d it go?
Any advice?
Posted By: Hunter Daddy

Re: Choke Canton North Shore - 09/18/19 12:07 PM

I hunted it back in 2015. It has one paved road that snakes through every compartment so you don't need 4 wheel drive. But the compartments have very few lanes that are cut (mowed) so definitely bring along a tripod or two. The areas are extremely thick with brush all the way down to the lake. You could stay at a hotel in Three Rivers and drive back and forth to your compartment. You don't have to go back and forth to the headquarters. They will let you call in. I saw very few deer when I hunted there. I hunted compartment four which was the very last compartment way in the back.
Posted By: Blank

Re: Choke Canton North Shore - 09/18/19 03:23 PM

What hunt do you have there?? Can be difficult with a bow, but much better with a rifle.

I hunted it last year on the archery hunt Jan. 2-5. Had a great time, saw lots of deer and some hogs. Could have filled my tags with does and cull bucks, but was holding out for 3 or 4 really big ones I had seen. I was a single hunter in Compartment 1, and there was another single in 2. Compartments 3 and 4 had two each. The guys in 4 both shot big bucks and lost them. The paved road is the old roadbed, and is in poor shape with potholes, but a car is fine on it. They will have the orientation at James Daughtrey, then you don't have to go back there until the end of the hunt. Definitely get a room in 3 Rivers, and then its only 10 minutes in the morning to the dam. They will sign you in and give you a key card for accessing the gate across the dam. The road makes a big loop around the first compartment, and a power line goes right thru the middle of it. There is a big draw in the middle and a pond which is tore up by hogs. The other 3 are super thick with cut senderos, and the deer are invisible more than 10 feet off the trail. I used my pop up in my unit, but I would try to get a tripod for the thicker ones for better visibility.
Posted By: 20bore

Re: Choke Canton North Shore - 09/19/19 03:44 PM

GDE but bucks only.
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