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New Mexico public lands

Posted By: rolyat.nosaj

New Mexico public lands - 08/01/19 09:15 PM

Does anyone have any good information on hunting New Mexico public lands? I tried looking through their stuff online and it's like trying to prepare for a major exam.

I guess I am confused on what OTC licenses I can buy and where I can use them. It's not black and white so any help will be appreciated.
Posted By: BOBO the Clown

Re: New Mexico public lands - 08/02/19 12:59 AM

Only big game OTC lic is Bear, Lion and a few Aoudad units. Each bear/lion area/unit has a kill quota. Once quota is met season is over.

Turkey and Javi might be OTC but no idea.

Elk and deer are draw only unless you have a land owner voucher
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