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Cheechi Creek Archery Hunt

Posted By: Cajun Raider

Cheechi Creek Archery Hunt - 09/13/18 04:16 AM

Selected for this hunt. Any information and advise is sincerely appreciated.
Posted By: WileyCoyote

Re: Cheechi Creek Archery Hunt - 09/13/18 02:07 PM

Cheechi Creek?? uhh is that Keechi Creek in eastern Leon County near Oakwood??

Can't say about the WMA's deer density but anything near the Trinity River bottoms can be stellar, and have Peterbilt sized hogs too.

There is an RV park on Hwy 79, and not too far from Buffalo's travelers services. Stop by and talk to Archie VanWey at Buffalo Spt Goods too. North side of Hwy 79 and in the back wall of the tiny strip center east of Brookshires, across the wide grassy sump drainage area. Palestine is about 45 minutes east on Hwy 79 with lots of services and tons bigger & better eateries. Where Hwy 79 hits Loop 256, by McCoys Lumber, turn right on the Loop and take your pick for next 4-5 miles once you go past Pizza Hut, that sits above and back a little from the Loop.
Posted By: Cajun Raider

Re: Cheechi Creek Archery Hunt - 09/14/18 02:13 AM

Thanks Wiley Coyote.
Posted By: DFWpublichunter

Re: Cheechi Creek Archery Hunt - 09/20/18 12:22 PM

It's pretty good. I got drawn for the squirrel hunt last year. I stuck to the main road, didn't cross the bridges, so I only saw ~10% (?) of the property, but each day I bumped does, and saw some hogs.

According to the wildlife biologists, they had never seen a monster buck, but they similarly took all their wildlife surveys along the service roads to the property. Should be easy to fill a tag if you are in the doe days.
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