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CT for SW 9mm Shield EZ 2.0?

Posted By: CoyoteHill

CT for SW 9mm Shield EZ 2.0? - 12/11/21 10:10 PM

I just purchased a like new Smith & Wesson Shield 2.0 9mm EZ for my wife. I was looking to add a CT laser on it, but from what I see, you can buy a new pistol with the laser already mounted on it, but CT does not sell one to add. I've looked at CT's website and those for the EZs state, "Does not fit 2.0" So why are they making them for SW to add to their new guns but not for us to add to existing ones? The options for laser sights are very limited for the 2.0 EZ model and I'm not impressed with what I've found so far.
Posted By: CoyoteHill

Re: CT for SW 9mm Shield EZ 2.0? - 12/12/21 10:40 PM

Think i've found a solution. The Viridian C5L if I can afford it. Mercy.....
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