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VX-6 verse the VX-6HD

Posted By: Displaced Texan

VX-6 verse the VX-6HD - 06/06/21 05:01 AM

Can anyone tell the difference between the older VX-6 and the newer VX-6HD
Posted By: Texas buckeye

Re: VX-6 verse the VX-6HD - 06/06/21 05:35 AM

On is 1/13th longer than the other....other than that i have no idea
Posted By: wp75169

Re: VX-6 verse the VX-6HD - 06/06/21 09:35 AM

HD has better glass, how much better I couldn’t say. HD also has a built in anti-cant and alumina caps. HD backwards is DH, which we all know is designated hitter. So you’ll hit with that one. banana
Posted By: aggiehunter03

Re: VX-6 verse the VX-6HD - 06/12/21 03:49 AM

VX6HD has throw lever, Alumina Caps, CDS-ZL2 lockable turrets, better glass, and higher price tag. I’ve got a 3-18x50 and I love it.
Posted By: onlysmith&wesson

Re: VX-6 verse the VX-6HD - 06/13/21 01:08 PM

I have a VX6 and a VX5HD. I can't tell the difference. Both are great scopes and if I needed another, I'd look for a good used VX6. Since they are pre "HD" I'd bet prices are a good value on the used side. I know I'm comparing a 50mm to a 44, but the VX6 I have gathers light just as well if not some better that the VX5 HD I have. It's hard to find, but before Leupold started marketing under the HD designation, the Quantam Optical System was a big deal and that is how mine is labelled. The glass is fantastic and I think the manufacturing process for the grinding, polishing and coatings are no different between VX6 and VX6HD. [Linked Image]
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