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Batteries for TruGlo

Posted By: mikei

Batteries for TruGlo - 01/19/21 12:14 AM

The TruGlo green laser (TG76306) that I have on my 45ACP needs a new battery pack. They are the tiny batteries that come, 6 at a time, in a plastic wrapping of some sort. I have tried the TruGlo web site to no avail. Do any of you have an idea of where I can buy them? I have some of the batteries that I bought that were not contained in the wrapper, but they are a real PIA to install, and it seems that I always get one of the 6 stuffed into the battery compartment in the wrong orientation! HELP!
Posted By: mikei

Re: Batteries for TruGlo - 01/24/21 05:07 PM

Well, no one seems to know where I can get the pre-packaged batteries, so I bought some in the "loose" package. Messed with installing them for quite some time, trying to get them in the right orientation. And then, by accident, I noticed that if I held the little batteries in the OPPOSITE orientation (negative side up) and dropped them in like that, they magically flipped over as they dropped down into the compartment! I repeated the experiment 3 more times, and got 100% of the little bistards to land correctly! Try this technique; it may save you a bit of frustration.
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