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Scope question

Posted By: Plinkin'

Scope question - 11/18/20 01:28 AM

Optics community, learn me sumpn'. Actually I need more skill in the optics world, but this is for someone needing to know this week. Gent has a top eject Winchester, and side mount scope mounting. Looking for a scope that is designed for this?
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Scope question - 11/18/20 02:20 PM

I think you can get a mount designed for the side eject, but I’ve never heard of a scope designed for it.
Posted By: oldrancher

Re: Scope question - 11/18/20 03:14 PM

I just put a new 1 inch Leupold 1.5-5X Freedom Pig Plex on my 1907 serial number Winchester 94 that is my daily mule/truck gun that I carry on the ranch. The old 1 inch Bushnell Banner 4X that was on the original side mount scope on the gun finally gave out after many years of use. The problem I ran into were the turrets on the new scope were higher then the old scope and would not fit in the side mount. I ground out about a 1/4 inch of metal between the scope rings of the side mount which allowed enough clearance for the turrets to mount the new scope. There is enough metal in the side mount that it does not effect the rigidity of the side mount. I searched the internet for a solution and called different manufactures for a solution but none had a product available that would solve my problem. Side mounts for this gun only are available in 1 inch and not any other size is what I was told. Someone else on this board may have more knowledge of what's available but I couldn't find it. My solution may not work for other scopes with larger turrets but for this scope it worked fine.
Posted By: Huskerron

Re: Scope question - 11/18/20 04:57 PM

Years ago, I had one of these. I believe all you need is a normal 1" scope that will fit in the mount and clear the rifle. You need to be selective about the scope to the extent it will fit well (ie - you probably dont want a 50 mm objective). But then again, it's a lever action so I would guess you don't need a large scope. Best bet would be to take it to the store and try some scopes until you get a good fit.
Posted By: Plinkin'

Re: Scope question - 11/20/20 04:31 PM

Thanks for the tips. Apparently he was seeking a scope with turrets opposite where most are, I guess because of the ejected cases hitting it.
Posted By: P_102

Re: Scope question - 11/22/20 12:12 PM

If it’s a duplex scope, why not just rotate it 90 degrees and use the turrets in reverse fashion, (elevation turret for windage, windage for elevation)?
Posted By: wp75169

Re: Scope question - 11/22/20 12:18 PM

Originally Posted by P_102
If it’s a duplex scope, why not just rotate it 90 degrees and use the turrets in reverse fashion, (elevation turret for windage, windage for elevation)?

That sounds like a plan to me. I know it works because I’ve saw people do it unknowingly.
Posted By: Plinkin'

Re: Scope question - 11/23/20 02:28 AM

I heard them at the shop (where this started), discussing that very thing. Makes sense, but I guess this shooter hopes to find something configured a certain way. Anyway, thanks for the input. One of mine in layaway has a scope, but the rifle is a Brand that doesn't have the issues.
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