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Spotting scope smartphone adaptor

Posted By: mikei

Spotting scope smartphone adaptor - 10/25/20 02:40 PM

One of my kids got me a spotting scope that came with an smartphone adaptor.

[Linked Image]

The scope was an upgrade to an old Winchester scope that was only 40X at the top end, and my old eyes couldn't see bullet holes very well at 100 yards. The extra 20X really helped, and the optics are a bit clearer. I never got around to using the adaptor, just figured it was a "gadget" for which I had no use. Then I hooked it up on the range one day when I was waiting for my rifle to cool down, and lo and behold, I saw that I could get nice, clear pictures of my targets, without having to squint through the scope! Makes the whole process of load development just a little bit easier. Take a picture of the target, send it to my computer with a label on it, and never have to collect targets again. If you have never tried one of these gadgets, you can get one really cheap for less that 50 bucks, and I've seen them for a lot less.
Posted By: AZ_Hunter_2000

Re: Spotting scope smartphone adaptor - 10/27/20 03:45 PM

I use Phone Skope which is similar. Very handy when shooting solo especially at extended ranges. It is nice being able to play back video to see where your shot landed. It is also great for taking photos/videos of animals or anything else way out there.
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