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AGM thermal scope ?

Posted By: Revoman

AGM thermal scope ? - 09/21/20 08:35 PM

Has anyone been using any of the AGM thermal scopes? Looking at the Secutor in particular. I have been wanting an Armasight Predator but they are now non existent. Any info will be helpful
Posted By: Pig_Popper

Re: AGM thermal scope ? - 09/21/20 09:08 PM

I used the python micro scope and based on that experience I will be passing on AGM for awhile...

To their credit they accepted the scope for a full refund without any issue so high marks on customer service !
Posted By: Roughneck913

Re: AGM thermal scope ? - 09/21/20 10:40 PM

AGM is Armasight 2.0 basically. Mostly the same people, non-competes have just expired from the FLIR purchase. seems like pretty good stuff from what Ive seen so far, and I was a fan of Armasight back a few years
Posted By: Revoman

Re: AGM thermal scope ? - 09/21/20 11:02 PM

I may wait awhile and see how they fare. The Secutor looks so much like the Predator I was wondering if they were part of the old Armasight. I just received a sale email from NVG on AGM hand helps. They look just like FLIR.
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