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atn x sight 4k pro

Posted By: b4ger731

atn x sight 4k pro - 05/17/20 03:05 PM

atn x sight 5k pro just bought the 5x20 whent out on fishing pond shot some rats . put footage in my editing kit wonder share filmora 9. im on windows ten.wont let me upload to youtube . i think it might be in a format that i havent used befor.can any body help thanks pete
Posted By: Double Naught Spy

Re: atn x sight 4k pro - 05/17/20 07:13 PM

Yeah, don't upload from Filmora 9. Save the file and upload directly to your YouTube channel as you would do with other videos.

If you think there is a format issue, change the format when you go to render the video. Filmora gives you a variety of formats to use. Go with AVI or MPEG or the like.
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