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Thermal Monoculars

Posted By: pegasaurus

Thermal Monoculars - 12/13/19 06:32 PM

Anyone have hands on experience with either the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 HD or the FLIR Scout TKS.

Looking at these for field scanning for hogs, coyotes, etc.
Posted By: panKo

Re: Thermal Monoculars - 12/13/19 06:38 PM

I love the Leupold for scanning on foot and from a vehicle. Works great for spotting hogs up to 500 yards. Highly recommend.
Posted By: CharlieCTx

Re: Thermal Monoculars - 12/13/19 10:08 PM

Originally Posted by panKo
Works great for spotting hogs up to 500 yards.

I think in all fairness, you need to qualify "spotting hogs up to 500 yards".

I have a 70mm/60hz Thermal monocular and I can't spot a hog at 500 yds. I can see it's a moving warm something out there, but not good enough to qualify hog from small cow or hog from large warm rock, pile of warm cactus, etc.

The TK (I could not find a TKS) states "helps you see people, objects and animals over 100 yards"

This guy gives a good showing of the LTO. The biggest downside I think is you have to watch it like a TV vs look into it as a monocular.

Both are certainly better than nothing, you just need to understand real capability.

Posted By: pegasaurus

Re: Thermal Monoculars - 12/14/19 12:57 AM

Sorry. It is TK.

I have the x-sight II and really like it. Just looking for something light to use to see what’s out there when scanning the fields other than swinging the heavy rifle and scope.

I have seen that video as well. Just looking for anyone that has actually used one of these.
Posted By: GLC

Re: Thermal Monoculars - 12/14/19 02:01 AM

I had the flir scout and sent it back in one week. The first lto tracker was just as bad. The lto2 is a lot better. I have one of those and it works pretty good. You can id for about 100 yards, you can see heat image farther than that. Anything past 200 better be moving or you will not see it. It is a 1 to 7 power but gets pretty blurry past 3 power.
Posted By: Jstocks

Re: Thermal Monoculars - 01/02/20 01:54 AM

My dad has the leupold. Definitely would be hard to distinguish deer from hog at 100 yards. At 400 yard scan see heat signature of a deer, but cannot tell it is a deer, hog, or what. But you can tell it is there. Can see heat signatures of coons and possums in trees for quite some distance, however can not tell what it is until you put eyes on it.
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