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Zeiss Conquest V4

Posted By: Savage243

Zeiss Conquest V4 - 12/02/19 08:23 PM

I have found myself up a creek and I am looking for a paddle. My wife shot my rifle that sports a VX-5HD and she fell in love, told me she needs that scope. She also really likes her Zeiss binoculars and I can get a pretty good deal on a Zeiss Conquest Z4 with MOA reticle (that's what she requested). Can anyone with experience tell me how well the Zeiss holds up and functions in low light conditions? All I can do is look through them at the store.
Posted By: tskin

Re: Zeiss Conquest V4 - 12/02/19 08:28 PM

I've hunted with a 3.5 x 10 x 42 for around 12 years. I think it is a great scope.
clear glass and have not had to adjust point of impact except when I changed rifles one time.
I would buy again if needed.
Posted By: Black Duck Dog

Re: Zeiss Conquest V4 - 12/03/19 01:37 AM

Got 2 Zeiss and very pleased !!!
Posted By: lil_red_ryder

Re: Zeiss Conquest V4 - 12/03/19 02:04 AM

Have a 3-9x50 Conquest on my wife’s 308 and its been a great scope. Works well in low light conditions and is good and clear. Been on that rifle ~ 5years now.
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