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Burris Signature XTR rings

Posted By: okstatefan

Burris Signature XTR rings - 11/11/19 12:14 AM

I have little experience with traditional rings. I've basically only owned Ruger factory rings, Warne QD and traditional, and a couple of budget toys.

This is for a Ruger Predator with the factory base and a 30mm scope.
Posted By: J.G.

Re: Burris Signature XTR rings - 11/11/19 12:45 AM

They're stout.

I don't like the two Torx drive screws on the Weaver clamp, but that's because I bounce scopes around so much. Yes, I have all the Torx bits for any size, but a 1/2" wrench is easier to grab quickly. But, if you're going to mount the scope and leave it, have no fear in those.

I will mention, as much as my stuff gets shot and knocked around, I still use 4 screw rings, instead of 6 screw. And they hold just fine.
Posted By: HandgunHTR

Re: Burris Signature XTR rings - 11/11/19 04:24 AM

If you plan on using the inserts to help get some elevation instead of using a 20MOA base, then they are great. If not, then you should check out the SWFA rings. They are just as solid, IMO, and are about 1/3 the price.
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