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Bushnell scope

Posted By: Kevinleeeng

Bushnell scope - 10/29/19 03:12 PM

So I'm running a Bushnell Engage 6-24x50 scope. While my rifle was slung, some how the windage knob/cap unscrewed and fell off. Not a huge deal for now since I'm zero'd to 200 yds, but still. Kind of important. Called Bushnell, great guy answered, former Navy doc (I'm a former Marine), so we hit it off. He sent me the windage knob, no questions asked. Got in two days. But he did not send the cap that threads onto the knob. This is the part that holds it into place. I've now called Bushnell at least half a dozen times. On hold for over an hour each time. I've emailed customer service, multiple times. When they finally responded, I replied with a pic of the part, explaining I'm in the middle of deer season, can ANYONE call me and I'll order the part/pay for it. Nothing.

So now, I'm writing a letter to David Fay (CEO) and Jay Benet (Chairman of the Board), to let them know of what has happened, and that I'm strongly considering switching back to Vortex or another premium optic, since Bushnell's service has been so poor with the exception of the one (and only) contact. I've found their home addresses. I'll be sending them letters via certified mail.

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Posted By: Kevinleeeng

Re: Bushnell scope - 10/29/19 04:58 PM

Finally got a hold of someone. Sending me part for free. I think today's call was the 7th call this week and it also had me on hold for just over an hour, before anyone picked up. Service is good, but they need more people fielding calls. I'll be letting the corporate folks know that Elizabeth was great, but needs help
Posted By: eneat1119

Re: Bushnell scope - 10/30/19 12:17 PM

Damn. I have two Forge scopes and a Nitro. Hope I never need CS! eek
Posted By: patriot07

Re: Bushnell scope - 10/30/19 12:26 PM

I bought some Bushnell trophy binos from academy awhile back. They only had one cap and were missing the storage bag that the box says they came with. It was the last one the local academy had, so I called bushnell customer service and got stuck on hold forever. Sent them an email and never heard back. I returned the binos and decided I wouldn't be buying their stuff any more.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Bushnell scope - 10/30/19 12:26 PM

Disappointing, for sure. I have several Bushnells and they are excellent.
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