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Quigley Ford Scope

Posted By: Duck Buster

Quigley Ford Scope - 10/21/19 10:37 PM

Anyone have experience with them? What're the good, bad, and ugly about them?

I have a chance to get a QF 520 (5x20x50) scope at a greatly discounted price built specific to my rifle and load for long range shooting/ hunting (Dall sheep and mountain goats).

Its heavier than a leoplold, but the price I am potentially getting it would make it worth it to me. Would just like people's experiences if you have any.

Posted By: patriot07

Re: Quigley Ford Scope - 10/23/19 12:19 PM

It's a running joke on the snipers hide. I know nothing about them except that I think they made some pretty exceptional claims for marketing.

Personally, I wouldnt want anything that was made specific to any rifle and load. As soon as that changes, is your scope obsolete? Imagine how difficult that would be to sell. JMHO, but I wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Quigley Ford Scope - 10/23/19 01:23 PM

P07 makes good points. I realize on a mountain rifle you'll likely never shoot out the barrel, but there are many things that can cause a rifle to not like a load. You might be able to develop one that would be close, but then your reticle is suddenly 100, 203, 311, 423, 552 and it's not etched for those so you're back to square one. I'd trust a Leupold CDS before I'd go here, even for free.
Posted By: redchevy

Re: Quigley Ford Scope - 10/23/19 02:53 PM

I tend to agree with the above statements but zero experience with the scope in particular.
Posted By: kmartinusa

Re: Quigley Ford Scope - 11/28/19 09:25 PM

I own one, won it at a NWTF banquet. I was having Jon Beanland build a .300wm for me so I found a load that the rifle likes and had the scope matched to the rifle/load.

Look, I’m not a precision shooter, I’m not a member of Snipers Hide. I’m a small business owner who doesn’t have enough time for all of my interests, I love deer hunting and I wanted to be confident shooting farther than I was so I took a lesson from a member here, his name escapes me. Problem is that I don’t shoot enough and only some of it stuck but the three things that did is that most rifles, even off the shelf from Wal Mart will shoot more precisely than most of us can consistently shoot. The scope matters FAR Amore than the rifle. And for some reason I remember that every 10mph crosswind is 1 mil, a quartering wind cuts that in half (but I can’t remember at what distance).

All of that to say that the great scopes, whether it’s Vortex or Leupold or NightForce or whatever work the same, zero it at whatever distance, some do it at 100, some at 200 and click to adjust from there. That’s where I get confused, I tried. I put dope charts in the sleeves of my rifles but when it came time to shoot it all got scrambled in my head and confused me so I decided to make it easy on myself and use the Quigley Ford and it’s perfect for me. I look down the scope I see crosshairs zeroed at 100 and lines going down the center out to 800 or 1000, they are marked, “200” “300” etc...can’t remember but plenty far. With that rifle and that scope and occasional practice (maybe 4x/yr) I am confident out to 600yds. I can consistently hit vitals and I’ve shot a hog at 475, one shot and he was break dancing on his back. Haven’t yet shot a deer out farther than 310yds but if the opportunity comes and wind isn’t a problem I will.

So for me, QF is perfect and I’m happy with it. I don’t know or care what their claims are- I’ve got a nice scope that takes the confusion of how many clicks I need to make to correct for x distance. I’d MUCH rather click and have confidence because I could correct for wind too, just center and shoot but I don’t even know how to reset the dumb thing- if I click too many times it starts over or something (on my Vortex there’s a red line that has three or so different levels up/down and I’ve got no clue where I started or how to get back there).

It’s simple. I don’t need different loads for different applications, I’ll shoot what I’ve got zeroed and what I’m comfortable and confident with- same bullet at elk as whitetail, it’ll do the same job and avoids confusion for me. I think other brands will make custom turrets too but I’ve got this one, it works and I’m happy with it.

Hope this helps.
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