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GasPower t-Post Driver

Posted By: YellowDog

GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/26/19 09:44 PM

Anyone ever try one of the GasPower T-Post Drivers hand model???
Posted By: PMK

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/26/19 10:05 PM

there was a thread on here a few years back about someone using one to build fence down around San Antonio ... might be old enough that the search function wouldn't find.
Posted By: Cast

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/26/19 10:09 PM

Can you rent one?
Posted By: Rustler

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/27/19 01:48 AM

I've used a few.
Quite a few rental places in rural areas have them.
Better to rent a good one than buy a cheap one.
Posted By: wburke2010

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/27/19 03:14 AM

I owned the redi driver. $1900 well spent will drive anything up the 3 pipe. Used the heck out of mine.
Posted By: don k

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/27/19 02:04 PM

I bought a used air driven post driver on craiglist. I think it was a PD50 or something like that. Used it to drive in around 300 6 and 9 ft. tee post. Worked like a champ. It would drive a tee post a ft. and a half in the ground in about 5 seconds. It took longer to move the compressor than it did to drive the post. Sold it when I finished for more than I paid for it.
Posted By: stxranchman

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 02/27/19 03:52 PM

I bought one to build 2.5 miles of new cross fencing by myself and drove in over 600 6 ft T-post. It is heavy at 38 lbs but will drive a T-post in seconds plus no need for a compressor and all the hoses. Very efficient on fuel also. They can be awkward to use at first due to weight but once you get the routine down it goes very fast. I am 6'1" tall so driving 6' or less T-post was easy and I did not need anything to stand on. 6.5' or taller I would have needed a small step ladder or stand on the back of my Ranger. One person inserting the post and lining it up can allow you to drive a lot of T-posts in one day. Alone I was still able to drive plenty once I got the routine down. With other inserts it will drive from T-post up to 3.5" pipe. Where are you located? I might sell or rent you mine.
Posted By: missingAK

Re: GasPower t-Post Driver - 03/01/19 10:20 PM

I drove 150 (IIRC) t-posts in clay/rocky soil with a rented gas-powered tpost driver. Took me about 3 hours by myself and only used a gallon or two of gas. I think it was a "redi driver". Best money I ever spent. My local rental place had it. Cost me 80$ for the 4 hours.

Sorry, it's been a while but those were the rough numbers. Again, if you find one available...you WILL NOT regret it. Only thing that might stop you is solid rock...but then, that'll stop just about anything.
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