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camper ustion

Posted By: frito

camper ustion - 09/07/14 02:20 AM

I have a c class camper. last week some -------- cut my pull out cord. instead of putting in a new cord I installed a 50 outlet. the cord for the camper is 30 amp my mistake. my question is can I get a 30 extention cord that fit the 50 amp outlet. the fifty outlet has three prongs.
Posted By: Western

Re: camper ustion - 09/07/14 03:03 AM

They make a 50a to 30a adapter, below is just one example. I have one for my 50a toy hauler since allot of RV spots only supply 30a

Posted By: woodwalker

Re: camper ustion - 09/07/14 03:05 AM

Yes. Several adapters are available at RV stores, Walmart and the like that will go 50A to 30A and down to 15A.
Posted By: frito

Re: camper ustion - 09/08/14 01:19 AM

thanks for your help. I tried to talk her into an adapter but she reordered the 30 amp outlet and cord. can't argue or i'll be using the camper more often without any power cord.
thanks again
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