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Deer Sheds

Posted By: dleetexas

Deer Sheds - 03/08/22 07:41 PM

I have been training my lab mix to track and find deer sheds.She is doing really well with the store bought sheds that I hide in the parks and open fields. Would anyone with a lot of deer experience on this forum be willing to offer some advise. I mainly duck hunt and don't know a lot about the deer seasons. Looking for the best time of year to begin hunting for sheds as well as the best places to go. I only have access to public land so I am not currently on a lease. Any advise is appreciated.
Posted By: EddieWalker

Re: Deer Sheds - 03/09/22 02:42 PM

No idea where you are, but here in the Tyler area, they still have their antlers. There are several big Park areas along the Sabine River that I would look into if I wanted to search for sheds. If you go, remember that snakes will be waking up pretty soon and it will be breeding season in another month or so.
Posted By: RHutch

Re: Deer Sheds - 03/10/22 06:18 PM

They are dropping now in Junction.
Posted By: guysamson

Re: Deer Sheds - 03/13/22 04:40 AM

Dropping now in Collin
Posted By: dleetexas

Re: Deer Sheds - 03/23/22 04:04 PM

Thank you so much...I am in the Dallas FT Worth area. Sorry I should've mentioned that. I do have time to head to Tyler. I will try it out. Thank you again.
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Deer Sheds - 03/23/22 05:19 PM

I still have a few bucks on camera that still have their antlers. Some bucks dropped them a good while back. This active camera business is a bit new to me, and I’m watching bucks more closely, but I have no feel for when the antler dropping should be over.
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