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Anyone have any thoughts on this part of the county?

deer numbers and size we can expect
Posted By: DQ Kid

Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 03/25/21 04:01 PM

Don't know much about that area but have seen some nice pics of deer harvested from that part of county...
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 03/25/21 09:26 PM

You should PM Bolt Guy. He hunts there.
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 03/26/21 12:52 AM

Over the past three months I was working off and on in Baylor county right on the archer line. I saw a lot of deer and several good bucks. I work all over the state and the deer there caught my attention.
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 04/06/21 10:49 AM

don't know much about the area, but i've seen some pictures and it seems cool
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 04/06/21 03:13 PM

We had a company lease ( 5,000 ) acres there 30 years ago. It was well managed and some 150-160 deer killed there and we didn't use protein back then.
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 04/13/21 12:40 AM

I have hunted Baylor County for several years and have a small lease there now. Populations seem well above average for bucks and does. We mostly target older bucks past their prime and there always seems to be plenty of those around. LOTS of pigs too, unfortunately. Anything particular you would like to know?

Safe hunting.....Larry
Posted By: Stevarino

Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 04/15/21 04:09 PM

Been hunting East of Seymour for the last two years. It’s quite the change in scenery from the hill country but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the game. It’s hard to fathom where game hides in some of this wide open country, but they’re there. Just go to one of the processors opening weekend..
I always see game during prime hours on 277 from Seymour to Wichita Falls and coming into Seymour from Olney.
We hunt mostly open pasture that’s planted in winter wheat. Not uncommon for us to see 10-12 a hunt and I’ve identified 33 different deer at my primary stand over this past season.

Here’s a couple we’ve taken to give you an idea on body size.
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Re: EASTERN BAYLOR COUNTY - 04/15/21 04:43 PM

Those are some nice ones there...
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