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Processor near Hamilton

Posted By: Chris2326

Processor near Hamilton - 12/30/20 07:22 PM

Any recommendations for a processor near Hamilton? Also, will they take the deer as is or does it need to be gutted first? I’m need to this, appreciate the recommendations.
Posted By: MoTex

Re: Processor near Hamilton - 12/30/20 10:12 PM

Hamilton Quality meats in Hamilton or heads in Goldwaithe. They prefer gutted but will gladly charge you to do that. Also Wenzel’s in Hamilton but I heard they stopped taking deer?
Posted By: Chris2326

Re: Processor near Hamilton - 12/31/20 01:37 AM

Thank you, I’ll give them a call.
Posted By: QuitShootinYoungBucks

Re: Processor near Hamilton - 12/31/20 02:10 AM

I’ve used both Heads in Goldthwaite, and Quality in Hamilton. Both are solid. Head will gut for a fee. 325-451-4158
Posted By: Txhunter65

Re: Processor near Hamilton - 12/31/20 11:17 PM

Used wentzels for the last 7 years probably had 20+ animals processed whitetail and axis. His smoked sausage is very good. I think his snack sticks and summer sausage are ok but several of the guys on the lease really like them. I’m having him make me some venison summer sausage mixed with beef instead of pork right now. They have started accepting deer again or at least they did this past Monday.

Heard a lot of good things about Hamilton quality meats but haven’t used them.
Posted By: psycho0819

Re: Processor near Hamilton - 01/01/21 12:46 AM

Gut your deer before taking it to a processor. They'll do it, but your long-term goal of a good relationship with your processor will improve if you don't make them do it. Most of those gutting fees are pretty steep, for a reason.
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