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Heavy dark coats on deer

Posted By: 603Country

Heavy dark coats on deer - 12/05/20 12:44 AM

Lately the deer around here appear to have heavier and darker coats than usual. A buck a couple of days ago even looked shaggy. Does this hint of a cold winter to come?
Posted By: Hudbone

Re: Heavy dark coats on deer - 12/05/20 12:59 AM

More info needed. What's the fur on the backs of the squirrels look like? Have you noticed the Indians gathering a bunch of firewood?
Posted By: 603Country

Re: Heavy dark coats on deer - 12/05/20 01:18 AM

Haven’t noticed the squirrels. But I have some Choctaw blood and I’ve been gathering firewood. Does that count?
Posted By: Texas Dan

Re: Heavy dark coats on deer - 12/05/20 02:53 AM

Normal winter coat. Summer coats are brighter and might even have a pinch of red to them. Biologists claim the color of deer change from a reddish-brown to a gray-brown in the winter, because the darker color helps them to absorb more of the sun's heat. Knowing what it can be like to sit on a hot, black leather car seat in the dead of summer, I have no trouble believing them. Some claim the southern facing slopes of hills and ridges are great places for deer to feed and sun themselves on clear, frosty mornings.
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