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Beginner-Level Portable Treestand/Saddle Input?

Posted By: Danny_DeerVito

Beginner-Level Portable Treestand/Saddle Input? - 11/12/20 04:13 PM

I am brand new to deer hunting and only have access to public lands for the time being. Grew up turkey hunting so I’m used to making my own ground hides and/or lugging in bulky ground blinds. The more I learn about deer hunting, the more it seems like I should make the move to a lighter, elevated, setup to minimize spreading my scent and getting out of the deer’s main field of vision.
With so much information and an overwhelming amount of options, I don’t even know where to start in finding a reliable, reasonably priced, setup to get some experience. Decided I should consult with the experts on such a matter.
Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

Yours Truly, Danny_DeerVito
Posted By: Danny_DeerVito

Re: Beginner-Level Portable Treestand/Saddle Input? - 11/12/20 04:22 PM

Little background info to help...
I’ll primarily be using a crossbow so I can access more public areas
More often than not I’ll cover 5+ miles in a day and don’t shy away from maneuvering through the thicker cover
Posted By: richard-ssv

Re: Beginner-Level Portable Treestand/Saddle Input? - 11/12/20 07:36 PM

I'm not an expert, but I use a Lone Wolf Assault II Hang On Tree Stand. It weighs in at 11 pounds and is very stable, yet easy to set up. I use 3 Hawk Helium climbing sticks. All together it's about 22 lbs on my back (stand + sticks). I can be set up and hunting in about 10 minutes.
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