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Another small buck

Posted By: TCM3

Another small buck - 11/10/20 12:42 AM

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Would he be considered a spike, I'm looking at his right antler.
Or if he's a spike let him walk?
Posted By: flintknapper

Re: Another small buck - 11/10/20 01:47 AM

Right antler (on the deer not picture) appears to have a point (must be 1" or greater to count) off of the main beam, so that is considered a branched antler. However the left side does not appear to have a point long enough to consider the antler branched so IF that is true then the buck could be considered a spike and would be legal to take in A/R counties.
Posted By: TCM3

Re: Another small buck - 11/10/20 02:20 AM

Thanks flintknapper, hopefully i get to see him in person or better camera angles.
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